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Tarot card meanings

Please find the tarot card meaning for your specific card here!

Let our Tarot Cards be of guidance to you to obtain deeper self-knowledge.

Trust on your own intuition and take your time to understand the situation you are in. We wish you a happy and peaceful life.

The Hermit

The Hermit signifies for withdrawal. This tarot card symbolizes introversion and discovering our deeper self. Let go of your thoughts. Our rational mind should be a faithful servant to our intuitive mind, not the other way around.

Hence on a spiritual level this tarot card shows that you can learn a lot from others. This does not need to be just one person specifically. Be open to the experience.

The Hermit stands for meaningful experiences, depth and insights. Trust in your own judgment.

Love tarot reading

Your love tarot card shows that your thoughts and feelings are not completely in line with your (love) relationships. The hermit signifies withdrawal. Hence take some time to connect with your inner truth. Once reconnected with your own inner truth you are able to connect to others as well.

Work tarot reading

It is important to remain committed to what you are doing. Don't be afraid to withdraw sometimes for a small mental break, this will re-energize yourself leading to calmer state of mind and better results. Do what is right for you, if this is based on proper principles it will be right for others as well. Do not worry about the wants and needs of others.

Daily tarot reading

Take time for yourself and do not be swayed by the moment. Spend your energy with focused attention. If someone tries to force an important decision, take time for yourself and think about the consequences. If necessary retreat, find a quiet place for yourself. Your daily free tarot reading advises you to follow your heart and follow your instincts. Perhaps a walk, sport or meditation is a good way to find peace.

Free tarot reading keywords

  • Reflection
  • Life Experience
  • Exploration