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Tarot card meanings

Please find the tarot card meaning for your specific card here!

Let our Tarot Cards be of guidance to you to obtain deeper self-knowledge.

Trust on your own intuition and take your time to understand the situation you are in. We wish you a happy and peaceful life.

The Devil

The devil is the tarot card over which we have little control. It stands for impotence. The inability to carry out our good intentions.

Positive thoughts are very important at this point in time. Make sure you deal with positive people. Life is short and beliefs are permanent.

The devil is the personification of the beast's instinct. If we accept our dark side, we will understand that it is the opposite of our light only.

Love tarot reading

This love tarot card states that we always have choices. If you are in a love relationship that has no chance to survive, end it. However ensure that you first take a step back and observe the situation from a third perspective. See whether you are able to correct your own behaviour and whether that is going to improve the situation. Ensure to keep the magic alive in your (love) relationships!

Work tarot reading

This tarot card signifies you may feel out of control. You have the positive intentions, however they do not seem to materialize. Try to understand what causes this feeling. You are not stuck unless you allow yourself to be.

Daily tarot reading

Today you may encounter your dark side. Beware that you are not tempted to rash actions. Do not act against your own beliefs. Try to avoid envy, lust and negativity. The challenge today is to shed light on your dark side by observing & accepting it. Your daily free tarot reading advise is to investigate the background of your negative feeling and put it to your advantage!

Free tarot reading keywords

  • Greed
  • Shadow
  • Selfishness