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Tarot card meanings

Please find the tarot card meaning for your specific card here!

Let our Tarot Cards be of guidance to you to obtain deeper self-knowledge.

Trust on your own intuition and take your time to understand the situation you are in. We wish you a happy and peaceful life.

The Star

The star represents wisdom and hope. This tarot card represents the cohesion of the larger whole. These greater plans will only be fully understood once we can fully observe them.

It's time to share your spirituality with others. Currently you are well aligned with your own spirituality so put it to your advantage. The world needs you to share your ideas.

Life forces are coming together that will make things easier and more clear.

Love tarot reading

The Star as love tarot card indicates that it is an excellent moment to discover deeper love. This implies for all your relationships. Ensure that these are based on mutual trust, real connection and freedom in order for happiness and love to happen.

Work tarot reading

Expect new opportunities as this tarot card is also about inspiration. Be courageous in your actions and confident in your own capabilities. If the new opportunities present themselves ensure you are ready for them. You will find that things come together making life easier and more fulfilling.

Daily tarot reading

The stars are positioned in your favor. Look forward to this day. Inspiration is important today. Start with long-term plans, as promising developments are about to occur. Your daily free tarot reading advises you to leave the past behind and be amazed by what occurs right now.

Free tarot reading keywords

  • Hope
  • Wisdom
  • Good prospects