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Tarot card meanings

Please find the tarot card meaning for your specific card here!

Let our Tarot Cards be of guidance to you to obtain deeper self-knowledge.

Trust on your own intuition and take your time to understand the situation you are in. We wish you a happy and peaceful life.

The Moon

The Moon represents fear and uncertainty. These feelings we can not overcome. We will have to accept them. Facing fear leads to healing. Denying it only allows for the creation of a new symptom of this fear.

You are open to new spiritual experiences according to this tarot card. Embrace this and let it work in your advantage.

The Moon affects our emotions and points to a journey to the center of ourself.

Love tarot reading

As the Fool represents careless behavior this love tarot card might indicate you are not ready to commit yourself fully. The love tarot reflects your excitement and the joy you feel. It is good to focus on joy and happiness and at the same time do not overlook or neglect true love.

Work tarot reading

This tarot card indicates that in your work environment not everything may seem to be clear. Accept the situation as it is currently. Use your intuition to obtain guidance for what to do. Remember that probably the things are not as bad as you imagine them. They are just your thoughts. Focus on positive thoughts and these will be manifested in your work environment as well!

Daily tarot reading

Great chance that today is dominated by a strange feeling. Perhaps woke up with a nightmare? Do not be influenced by these images. Approach the challenges of today without fear. Ignore the uncertainty. Behind this fear is an important experience that you need to experience. Start the day with confidence, despite the fear of failure. Your daily tarot reading advises you to amaze yourself about what you can achieve.

Free tarot reading keywords

  • Uncertainty
  • Premonition
  • Intuition