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Tarot card meanings

Please find the tarot card meaning for your specific card here!

Let our Tarot Cards be of guidance to you to obtain deeper self-knowledge.

Trust on your own intuition and take your time to understand the situation you are in. We wish you a happy and peaceful life.

The Empress

The Empress represents the natural force that constantly creates life. Expect change in many ways. The announced changes will moreover be improvements to the status quo.

On a spiritual level this tarot card indicates you will discover that your intuition is trying to send you a message. Listen carefully to the message. Even if this means that you should take a moment for yourself while others expect your attention.

The Empress signifies unconditional love. It makes no demands. If we allow her love to flow through us, our fears disappear.

Love tarot reading

The meaning of this love tarot card is one of lots of love. As it represents the natural live creating force understand that it may be very intense and powerful. Always focus on true love which is the higher good. Superficial love relationships only satisfy the ego for short lived periods. Enjoy the deeper connections based on true love. Live with love!

Work tarot reading

The interpretation of this tarot card is that the natural force that creates life is also present in your work environment. It is time to inspire people around you. Stay true to your own proper principles as these will be reflected in the outer world.

Daily tarot reading

Enjoy nature if possible. Today is a day of liveliness. Ensure that the mind and soul are pampered. This will ensure that fruitful impulses arise. Something which you are working on for quite some time may get a boost today. The prospects are good. Your daily free tarot reading advises you to follow your instinct.

Free tarot reading keywords

  • Creative potential
  • Caution
  • Renewal